Tennessee Scholars / Educate & Grow Sumner Scholarship Application

Requirements have changed for 2014 and beyond graduates.

Please click here for the newest information sheet on Tennessee Scholars, requirements and community service hours log form.

The deadline for the Educate & Grow Scholarship application is March 1st

You must be a qualified Tennessee Scholar to be eligible for the Educate & Grow last dollar scholarship to Volunteer State Community College.

Tennessee Scholars is an education initiative sponsored by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, business and industry of Tennessee, policy makers, educators, and parents. It is part of the National State Scholars Initiative. It is endorsed by the Governor of the State of Tennessee, the United States Department of Vocational and Adult Education, and many other educational, workforce development, and economic development entities as an exemplary educational and workforce development initiative that has proven to be successful. It is part of the National State Scholars Initiative that includes over 20 states.

The purpose of the State Scholars Initiative (SSI) is to increase the percentage of students graduating from high school with a rigorous, defined academic course of study sufficient to prepare them for higher education, the workforce, or the military.

Attention Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

By filling out the Tennessee Scholars tracking form below, COMPASS will be able to notify you of any changes that are occurring in the program, provide key dates, and remind you of deadlines. Click here to fill out the tracking form.

To be recognized as a Tennessee Scholar, a student residing in Sumner County should complete the application and send it, along with his/her transcript and a detailed account of 80 community service hours, to COMPASS at 695 East Main Street, Gallatin, TN 37066. Or you may give it to your high school guidance counselor and they may send it to the COMPASS office.

Students who reside in Sumner County and who meet the requirements of the Tennessee Scholars program are eligible for scholarships to Volunteer State Community College through the Educate & Grow Sumner County scholarship program. This application is due March 1.

Helpful Hint***(Volunteer State Community College requires that you must also fill out the FAFSA form at www.fafsa.ed.gov for eligibility to compute your last dollar scholarship status).


Would you like more information on how to get a last dollar scholarship to Volunteer State Community College? Contact us at Sumnerscholars.org or 615-451-5200, ext. 1048 for details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Download the Tennessee Scholars/Educate & Grow Sumner County Application

This application is due to COMPASS by March 1, 2013. You and Your guidance counselor must sign your completed application.

Community Service Hours Ideas and Suggestions . Be sure to log your volunteer activity hours on the form provided at the link at the top of this page.